High tech meets the perfect steak: KYOCERA presents steak knives with sharp and long-lasting ceramic blades

Incomparably sharp, uniquely light, rust-proof and easy to clean: the new KYOCERA steak knives with blades made from Zirconia ceramic are an outstanding alternative for all steak-lovers compared to conventional knives with metal blades.

Kyoto/London − For meat-lovers, there’s nothing better than a perfectly grilled, tender and juicy steak. In order to maintain perfection and maximal enjoyment from the preparation right through to dining, steak-fans need the right knife to cut steaks cooked to any level. That’s because the role a good knife plays in enjoying a great steak should not be underestimated: only a truly sharp knife enables clean and effortless cuts, without allowing fibres to emerge at the point of cutting on medium-rare steaks.


KYOCERA designs and manufactures new ultra-small robust ceramic UHF RFID Tag to trace surgical instruments for the Medical Market

Kyocera’s ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID transponders are applicable on metal and - due to their ceramic packages - suitable for sterilization processes of surgical instruments in hospitals involving high temperatures, humidity and chemical exposure.

Kyoto/London - Kyocera offers small and robust UHF RFID tags consisting of ceramic packages with a proprietary multilayer structure including a built-in RFID antenna that can increase the read range up to 2X as compared with conventional tags of the same size. In addition, Kyocera has successfully developed a new ultra-small tag with a size of 5 x 2 x 1.5 mm, meaning a further reduction in the tag volume of almost 50 % when compared to the tag with a size of 3 x 6 x 1.7 mm.


KYOCERA to Participate in Japan’s Virtual Power Plant Project to Improve Energy Management

New program tests remote management of changing consumer energy demands, aims to find best use of surplus electricity before end of Feed-In-Tariff in 2019

Kyoto/London – Kyocera announced that it has been registered with the Sustainable open Innovation Initiative (SII) as a resource aggregator*1 for a new program to help control energy resources among Japanese consumers. This latest test project runs until February 2019, plans to expand the coverage area to Tohoku and Hokkaido and is designed to test the flexible response to changing energy supply and demand. Part of a larger program to test a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) utilizing consumer renewable energy resources, Kyocera has been involved in the government project implemented by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) since 2014 with the goal of realizing a low-carbon society with low-cost, non-fossil fuel energy that does not produce CO2. Japan seeks to have renewable sources account for 22-24 percent of all electrical power generation by 2030.


KYOCERA's ecology commitment leads to Green designation of 99% of product

As a basis of KYOCERA values, the company’s commitment to harmonious coexistence has been driven through a global environmental management system with an environment vision for 2020 – divided in three main areas: Green Products, Green Factories and Green Communication.


New KYOCERA Electronic Connectors Offer World’s Highest Mating Tolerance, Withstand up to +125°C

Durable, reliable Board-to-Board connectors support new and emerging applications in automotive electronics

Kyoto/London – Kyocera yesterday announced its new 5656 Series electronic Board-to-Board connectors, featuring 0.5 mm pitch and a proprietary floating structure that delivers the world’s highest mating tolerance*1 with heat resistance up to +125°C. The new connectors appropriate for use in car navigation systems, in-vehicle infotainment and millimeter wave radar, are now available to support manufacturers worldwide.


KYOCERA TCL Solar Completes 29.2MW Solar Power Plant on Repurposed Land in Japan

Company’s largest solar power plant repurposes abandoned golf course to provide equivalent power for approximately 12,000 average households

Kyoto/London − Kyocera and Tokyo Century Corporation (herein “Tokyo Century”) announced that Kyocera TCL Solar LLC (herein “Kyocera TCL Solar”) has completed construction of a 29.2 megawatt (MW) utility-scale solar power plant in Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan. The solar modules were installed on 1.2km2 of land originally designated for a golf course and other purposes but subsequently abandoned. A ceremony was held on April 27 to commemorate completion of Kyocera TCL Solar’s largest solar power plant.


KYOCERA’s New Industrial Cutting Tool with Ultra-Durable Coating Materials Maximizes Steel Cutting Performance

New CA025P CVD coating technology and base material with excellent durability ensures long-term cutting performance for automotive and industrial machining

Kyoto/London – Kyocera announced today that it has developed a new ultra-durable coating technology and base material for indexable industrial cutting tool inserts to improve steel machining. The new CA025P CVD Coated Carbide grade will be available to the European market from the middle of May 2018.


KYOCERA offers sustainable and premium-quality coffee enjoyment with the new Coffee Grinder EG-70CF

Infinitely adjustable ceramic grinder, convenient battery operation, integrated collecting vessel - these are the technical highlights of KYOCERA’s new electric Coffee Grinder EG-70CF. For coffee-lovers, there’s something even more decisive: the KYOCERA coffee grinder allows you to enjoy premium-quality coffee that is also sustainable.

Kyoto/London − The Multi Ceramic Grinder EG-70CF from Kyocera (recommended retail price, € 89.95) is ideally suited to grinding coffee beans to any desired degree of fineness. The robust grinder is made from zirconium-based ceramic and is infinitely adjustable. The device is very easy to use with just one hand, since the integrated collecting vessel safely holds the ground coffee until the coffee lover needs it to fill up their coffee machine. If the user does not stop the grinding process by hand, the EG-70CF will automatically stop after five minutes. The housing is made of robust and high-quality black plastic.


KYOCERA Enters into License Agreement with Bosch

Bosch to incorporate KYOCERA’s haptic feedback technology in automotive applications

Kyoto/London – Kyocera today announced that it has signed a license agreement with Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, a leading global supplier of technology and services. Effective May 7, 2018 (Japan time), this license agreement provides Bosch with access to Kyocera’s patented haptic feedback technology for use in Bosch’s automotive solutions.

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