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Kyocera showcases quantum tech innovations at Quantum Effects 2023

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Kyoto/London − Kyocera is set to participate in Quantum Effects 2023 (Hall C2, Booth #2B37), taking place from the 10th to the 11th of October in Stuttgart, Germany. The company will be unveiling its innovative material solutions that are accelerating the progression of quantum technologies across various industries, including finance, medicine, automotive, and chemical sectors.

Kyocera’s role in shaping quantum technologies

Kyocera is developing a range of ceramic packaging solutions and assembly options, offering excellent thermal management and potential miniaturization of different components, thereby facilitating stable and scalable qubits*1. The company's diverse materials, including HTCC and LTCC multilayer ceramic substrates and AlN carriers, offer superior heat dissipation and plating options. This enables low magneticity and brazing material with low permeability, which are crucial for the development and functioning of quantum technologies.

Meeting connection requirements and ensuring quantum state stabilization

Kyocera offers a variety of connection solutions such as wire bonding, flip-chip, Pin Grid Array (PGA) packages, and Land Grid Array (LGA) packages. Beyond connection solutions, Kyocera also provides materials for hermetic sealing, including “Ceramic to Metal” and “Metal to Metal” brazing materials, along with vacuum sealing packaging to support the stabilization of the quantum state.

Saphire wafer: A game-changer

Kyocera's sapphire wafer, produced with superior crystallinity, is expected to result in lower dielectric loss and excellent thermal conductivity at ultra-low temperatures, marking a significant advancement in quantum technology.

Kyocera’s commitment to quantum technologies

With a firm commitment to shaping the future of quantum technologies, Kyocera continues to provide a range of customized solutions to meet the diverse requirements of different qubit technologies and their applications.

Overview of Quantum Effects 2023

Show Quantum Effects 2023
Hall C2, Booth #2B37
Date 10 – 11 October 2023
Venue Messe Stuttgart, Germany

*1Qubits, the basic unit of quantum information, process information differently from traditional binary bits. They enable more complex, faster calculations and ultra-high sensitive measurements of magnetic fields. This disruptive potential holds promise for numerous sectors.

Wire-bonding substrate for QPU chip

Flip chip substrate for QPU chip
Hermetic seal lid with windows for ion trap vacuum chamber
LTCC substrate
AIN carrier

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