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Network / Infrastructure

Substrate technologies for highest speed projects

Tailored for your best practice: Organic (HDBU) and ceramic (HITCE®) technology

Kyocera offers different technologies on the edge of physics to support fastest application products - highest speed, highest frequency.

Considering tight density routing, electrical performance and all level reliability, Kyocera substrates are outstanding in quality to push your products to leading position worldwide.



HDBU (Organic)

  1. Finest design rules (9/12 µm), high stack-up (up to 8 layers) and large OD for best electrical performance
  2. Low loss materials
  3. High reliability
  4. Various surface finish options (Ni/Au, SAC soldering, etc.)
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HITCE® (Ceramic)

  1. Support of high speed (> 32Gbps)
  2. Stable material properties over frequency
  3. 2nd level reliability
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Reference markets

IT infrastructure

High performance computers, network equipment (Server), base transceiver stations

Switching & interconnect

ASICs for servers/routers, MPUs for high performance graphics processors, etc.