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Chowa Series


Finding the balance.

Pure harmony

The Japanese word "chowa" stands for the pursuit of harmony, which is visible in the iconic knife series through the harmony of Japanese craftsmanship tradition with technical know-how. Made from Kyocera's patented Z212 zirconia ceramics, the blades retain their sharpness twice as long as other Kyocera ceramic blades. The soft-touch handle, inspired by the traditional Japanese hammer, fits smoothly in the hand and prevents wrist fatigue with its ergonomic shape.

  • Blade: white zirconia ceramics (Z212), handsharpened
  • Soft-touch handle: plastic (ABS), ergonomically designed and available in different colours
  • Blade guard: also available for safe storage of the knives
  • TK-181_WH-BK_690x150px.jpg

    TK-181 WH-BK

    Bread Knife
    Blade length: 18 cm
    Micro-serrated blade
    Handle colours:

  • TK-180_WH-BK_690x150px.jpg

    TK-180 WH-BK

    Chef’s Knife
    Blade length: 18 cm
    Handle colours:

  • TK-160_WH-BK_690x150px.jpg

    TK-160 WH-BK

    Chef’s Santoku Knife
    Blade length: 16 cm
    Handle colours:

  • TK-150N_WH-BK_690x150px.jpg

    TK-150N WH-BK

    Nakiri Knife
    Blade length: 15 cm
    Handle colours:

  • TK-140_WH-BK_690x150px.jpg

    TK-140 WH-BK

    Santoku Knife
    Blade length: 14 cm
    Handle colours:

  • TK-125_WH-BK_690x150px.jpg

    TK-125 WH-BK

    Tomato Knife
    Blade length: 12.5 cm
    Micro-serrated blade
    Handle colours:

  • TK-110_WH-BK_690x150px.jpg

    TK-110 WH-BK

    Utility Knife
    Blade length: 11 cm
    Handle colours:

  • TK-075_WH-BK_690x150px.jpg

    TK-075 WH-BK

    Paring Knife
    Blade length: 7.5 cm
    Handle colours: