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Kyocera presents its products at the SMTconnect

Kyocera will exhibit its wide range of organic packaging solutions as well as its ceramic packaging technology at the SMTconnect trade fair taking place from June 11th to 13th, 2024, in Nuremberg.

  • Semiconductor Components

Kyoto/Esslingen − Kyocera will participate at the SMTconnect, which takes place from June 11th to 13th in Nuremberg, Germany. This trade fair stands out as a unique exhibition on the topic of electronics manufacturing in Europe. Kyocera will present several of its high performance products and innovations from its Semiconductor Components division (SC), thus underlining its presence in these important key markets.

The focus of the company’s trade fair presentation in 2024 will be on organic package substrate solutions based on Kyocera’s FCBGA and ETC-FCBGA technologies as well as on its ceramic packaging solutions for SMDs, LEDs, CMOS sensors and many other products.

With these offerings, Kyocera targets the Electronics (including the rapidly growing segment of AI applications), Networking and Automotive markets as well as applications in Mobile IT Devices, Optical Communications, Mobility and Environmental solutions.

1. Organic Package Substrate Solutions
Kyocera provides package substrates by using organic products that meet increasing customer requirements for a variety of applications.

  • FCBCA technology: The company’s FCBGA (flip-chip ball grid array) technology provides packaging for processing units such as CPUs for servers, ASICs for networks or SoCs for the automotive market. Kyocera’s advanced technology supports large body sizes (up to approx. 120 square millimeters), high layer counts with up to ten layers, fine patterns such as line widths of 9 µm and line spacings of 12 µm (L/S 8/8 scheduled later for 2024) and ideal impedance control characteristics. The applied processes use lead-free and halogen-free materials.
  • ETC FCBGA technology: With its Enhanced thin core (ETC) FCBGA technology, Kyocera provides the prerequisites for even better electrical performances due to a reduced core thickness (down to 200 µm) and copper-filled instead of resin-filled vias which improve DC resistance. The MSAP (Modified Semi Additive Process) technology allows finer patterns on the core layer. Furthermore, thanks to laser cutting and advanced design rules, smaller drill holes with pitch sizes down to 160 µm become possible. This improves the mutual inductance and thus allows a higher integration of chip components. At the same time, a lower layer count (up to 6 layers) helps to reduces production costs and speed up manufacturing times.

Kyocera’s ETC FCBGA technology provides even better electrical performances.


Kyocera’s ETC FCBGA technology provides higher integration thanks to advance design rules and less layer count.

2. Ceramic Packaging Technology
With its Ceramic Packaging Technology, Kyocera provides proven solutions to protect integrated circuits from environmental factors such as moisture, dust, light, electromagnetic fields and waves etc. as well as from mechanical impact. Above that, the multi-layered ceramic packaging of an IC provides the necessary isolation of its input and output signals and it allows for the dissipation of the heat generated by the IC’s operation.


The principle of ceramic packaging is applied to a variety of products, including SMDs, LEDs, CMOS sensors, optical communications components, LSIs, laser and LiDAR units and many more. The technological improvements in this field provided by Kyocera contribute to a digitalized society, allowing smaller device sizes in IoT and Wearable devices, higher speeds in networks, larger chips dies for highly scalable data centers (HSDC) and AI clusters, higher laser outputs for industrial applications or faster data transfers for memory access in demanding applications such as Generative AI. Additional applications of Kyocera’s Ceramic Packaging Technology include the encapsulation of small size all-solid-state rechargeable batteries, in-vehicle inertial sensors as well as gas sensors.

Multi-layered ceramic packaging with electrical signal enables hermeticity to protect IC chip from external environment and mechanically.

Overview: Kyocera at the SMTconnect

Date June 11th to 13th, 2024
Location Nuremberg, Germany
Kyocera's booth
Hall 4, Booth # 4-204

About the SMTconnect trade fair
The SMTconnect stands out as a unique exhibition on the topic of electronics manufacturing in Europe: The event connects people and technologies from the fields of development, manufacturing, service and application of microelectronic assemblies and systems in an inspiring working atmosphere. In line with its motto “Driving Manufacturing forward”, the SMTconnect provides an ideal setting for sharing ideas within the electronic manufacturing community, developing tailored solutions for electronic assemblies and systems, laying the groundwork for business deals, and improving skills.

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