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Kyocera to showcase their fine ceramic products in the mixing & milling, coating, calendaring, slitting and other integral processing equipment in the Li-ion battery cell manufacturing

The leading ceramic manufacturer – Kyocera will display their Fine Ceramic products at The Battery Show 2022, which will be held on June 28th-30th, in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Kyoto/London - The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is higher than forecasted despite the global economic situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The unprecedented rise in demand will also increase the demand for batteries and battery cells. The surging demand gives rise to an opportunity for European machinery and equipment manufacturers to supply to the gigafactories. One of the major challenges facing the industry is the limited driving range of lithium-ion batteries. The current production batteries provide a range of up to 450 kms, while the consumers demand and prefer more. To improve the range and efficiency, advanced battery components and materials are imperative. The focus is on high-performance components that are directly used in the battery manufacturing, electric motors, power electronics and thermal management.

Kyocera has been providing Fine Ceramic products for a wide range of markets including automotive industry, industrial equipment, medical devices, and aerospace systems and has supported the development of numerous other industries. Kyocera offers a broad range of over 200 different compositions of ceramics such as Aluminium oxide, Zirconium oxide, Silicon carbides, Silicon nitride, Cordierite, Aluminium nitride, Cermet, Mullite, Sapphire, Aluminium titanate, Yttrium oxide and many more.

Key properties of Fine Ceramic materials such as high wear resistance, low metal contamination, chemical resistance, weight reduction, mechanical strength is of importance in the battery cell manufacturing. These characteristics provide an advantage over the conventional materials (e.g. metal).

The battery slurry is highly abrasive and the battery cell manufacturing requires highly precise and durable components. Kyocera offers the relevant materials and components in this context. Rotors and classifiers in Silicon Nitride and oxide ceramics are used in the mixing and milling processes of the slurry preparation. Oxide based slot-dies are used in electrode coating, oxide and non-oxide ceramic high rollers are used in the calendaring process and cutting tools are used in the slitting process. Furthermore, substrate and structural components with cooling channels are used in the thermal management of the battery.

More ceramics components will be used in the battery cell manufacturing equipment and the batteries for its superior properties and capabilities. Kyocera with wide range of materials and decades of history as a supplier for high performance products will continue its development of products for the EV batteries, support EV adoption and embraces global electrification.

Links where material properties can be seen:

Kyocera Booth Outline
Exhibition The Battery Show Europe
Booth no. G35
Date June 28-30, 2022
Location Stuttgart, Germany

Silicon Nitride and Alumina Classifiers in the milling process

Kyocera_Industrial Machinery (3)_web.png
Kyocera_Mixing milling_Classifiers_Alumina_web.png

Oxide and Non-oxide rotors in the mixing process

Kyocera_Mixing milling_Rotor_Alumina_web.png
Kyocera_Mixing milling_Rotor_Zirconia_web.png
Kyocera_Mixing milling_Rotor_Zirconia_2_web.png
Kyocera_Mixing milling_Rotor_Silicon nitride_web.png
Kyocera_Mixing milling_Rotor_Silicon nitride_3_web.png
Kyocera_Mixing milling_Rotor_Silicon nitride_4_web.png

Ceramic slot-die

Kyocera_Slot die_web.png

Ceramic high rollers in the calendaring process

Kyocera_Calendaring slitting_Roller_web.png

Alumina parts

Kyocera_Coating_Rotary valves_web.png
Kyocera_Coating_Flow joint components_web.png
Kyocera_Stirrers made of Alumina_web.png

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