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Kyocera and AVX to establish new brand “KYOCERA AVX” to enhance its business worldwide

Companies to reorganize global sales forces to expedite optimal deployment

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Kyoto/London - Kyocera (President: Hideo Tanimoto) and AVX Corporation (CEO: John Sarvis, hereinafter; “AVX”) today announced that the companies have established a new integrated brand “KYOCERA AVX” to be used for the KYOCERA group’s electronic components business starting in October, 2021 (or later) following the integration of Kyocera’s “Corporate Electronic Components Group” and “AVX” into a new segment, “Electronic Components Business” as of April 1, 2021. The new brand structure will accelerate and strengthen the growth of Kyocera’s electronic components business worldwide. In addition, sales organizations in the U.S. and Europe will unify starting in October 2021 (or later), and sales in Japan, China and other Asian nations will follow beginning in April 2022 (or later). This consolidation will enhance the global sales capabilities and maximize synergy by combining the companies’ resources of manufacture and development for further expansion of its global business.

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AVX, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kyocera, is a leading global supplier of a wide range of products, including electronic components, connectors, and sensors. AVX has been working proactively on expanding its product lineup, business domains, and market shares through R&D and M&A. In its key markets, Kyocera expects demand for electronic components to accelerate due to the widespread use of IoT, 5G and Advanced Driver Assistance System, and rapid technological innovation and business opportunities are brought about by the progression of the so-called “the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

Amid these changes, integrating the Kyocera and AVX brands and reorganizing global sales forces enables Kyocera to accelerate innovative developments, respond to customer needs, and implement investments for the KYOCERA Group to gain market share pursuant to our global business perspectives and strategies. At the same time, the new brand will contribute to enhancing the KYOCERA Group’s corporate value in the medium to long term.

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