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New helical end mill for titanium alloy machining

Kyocera expands the MECH product line to provide more stable performance and longer tool life.

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Kyoto/London - The Japanese fine ceramics manufacturer Kyocera presents its latest innovation: MECHT enhances the range of indexable milling cutters. Due to its ideal tool geometry, MECHT is ideally suited for applications in shoulder face milling, plunge cutting, and slot milling as well as ramping. Like the entire MEC series from Kyocera, MECHT features positive and very light-cutting, which achieves perfect 90° shoulders and smooth surfaces.

Unique design offers obvious benefits

Compared to conventional milling cutters in this category, the Kyocera product is characterised by a new combination of insert sizes. The larger bottom inserts are positioned at the first stage of the toolholder to handle larger cutting forces handle higher cutting forces.This stabilizes the titanium alloys machining and significantly improves the fracture resistance. At the same time, the innovative design ensures higher reliability, as the bottom inserts are held in place by double-faced contacts. Another advantage: The new flute design (large, smooth) prevents the chips from clogging. Thanks to this combination, MECHT reduces not only chattering issues but also renewed chip recutting issues.

New Kyocera milling cutter MECHT

Longer tool life ensures stable and constant performance

In addition to the advantages of the new tool design, the new Kyocera milling cutter is also more durable due to its conditions. The JS chipbreakers require a significantly lower cutting force than other cutters. Due to this extremely sharp cutting performance, heat development at the cutting edge is kept to a minimum – which, again, ensures a long tool life. Furthermore, MECHT was developed with heat-resistant MEGACOAT NANO coating technology. The tough PVD-coating (PR1535) increases the breaking strength of the product and the stable and long-lasting application possibilities as well.

Features MECHT

Toolholder lineup:

End mill type: 32 mm

Shell mill type: 50 mm – 80 mm
Insert size lineup: 11, 17 mm
Corner radii: R 0.2, 0.4 and 0.8 mm

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