New KYOCERA 7129 Series Board to Board Connector Helps Reduce Charging Times for Mobile Devices

31 January 2017

Space-saving connector handles current up to 10A for smartphones, tablets, & wearables.

Kyoto, Japan / Neuss, Germany, January 25, 2017. Kyocera Connector Products Corporation announced that it has developed a board to board battery connector for use with portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearables. The new 7129 Series connector goes on sale January 30.

The ever-expanding functionality of today’s mobile devices is creating demand for faster charging times and increased battery capacity. This requires strong, durable connectors with higher current capability. However, with board space at a greater premium than ever, connectors must meet these higher strength and current requirements within an even smaller, thinner form factor.
Kyocera’s new 7129 Series board to board connector is rated for currents up to 10A to help reduce charging times for mobile devices. Additionally, despite its space-saving size — just 0.7mm stacking height, 2.2mm width and 5.64mm length — this robust connector is designed for high retention, with a metal guide component to prevent mating misalignment damage to insulators and contacts.
This connector continues Kyocera’s tradition of helping customers meet the latest demands of the electronic device market.  

Main Features

1. 10A Current Rating

Capable of conducting up to 10 amperes of current — one of the highest for smartphones* — to help reduce charging times. (Please refer to the catalog for pattern layout on PCBs .)

* Based on research by KYOCERA Connector Products as of January 2017.

2. High Retention and Mating Misalignment Protection

A metal cover enhances retention strength, which may otherwise be compromised in space-saving connectors with low profile heights. The structure of the metal cover also helps guide connectors over a smooth surface for easy mating, and prevents damage from contact misalignment.

3. Space Savings
Compact form factor features a 0.7mm stacking height, 2.2mm width and 5.64mm length.

4. Packaged in Tape and Reel (15,000 pieces/reel)

5. RoHS compliant and Halogen-Free

6. Specifications

For more information on Kyocera:

About Kyocera

Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Kyocera Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fine ceramic components for the technology industry. The strategically important divisions in the Kyocera Group, which is comprised of 235 subsidiaries (as of March 31, 2016), are information and communications technologies, products which increase quality of life, and environmentally friendly products. The technology group is also one of the oldest producers of solar energy systems worldwide, with more than 40 years of experience in the industry.

The company is ranked #531 on Forbes magazine’s 2016 “Global 2000” listing of the world’s largest publicly traded companies.

With a global workforce of over 69,000 employees, Kyocera posted net sales of approximately €11.59 billion in fiscal year 2015/2016. The products marketed by the company in Europe include printers, digital copying systems, microelectronic components, and fine ceramic products. The Kyocera Group has two independent companies in the Federal Republic of Germany: Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH in Neuss and Esslingen and Kyocera Document Solutions in Meerbusch.

The company also takes an active interest in cultural affairs. The Kyoto Prize, a prominent international award, is presented each year by the Inamori Foundation — established by Kyocera founder Dr. Kazuo Inamori — to individuals and groups worldwide who have contributed significantly to the scientific, cultural, and spiritual betterment of humankind (converted at approximately €360,000 per prize category).

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