KYOCERA's Teaching Assistant

20 January 2014

gives Teachers more planning and lesson time

KYOCERA's Teaching Assistant

KYOCERA Document Solutions UK Ltd, announces the launch of its latest HyPAS app, Teaching Assistant, developed to improve the efficiency of test workflows in the UK’s education sector.

Teaching Assistant transforms a KYOCERA MFP into an on-demand test creating, marking and analysis hub for popular bubble sheet* test papers, and the app was specifically designed for UK schools and training facilities wishing to improve their efficiency.

With Teaching Assistant the KYOCERA MFP will automatically mark all student papers in seconds. It eliminates all human error and returns error-free test results while automatically compiling comprehensive reports and statistics that are ready to use.

Sarah White, Product Marketing Manager, KYOCERA Document Solutions UK Ltd said: “Teaching Assistant streamlines the marking of multiple-choice tests so that with this HyPAS app and a KYOCERA MFP you can automatically print, scan, mark and analyse students’ tests and get detailed reporting on test results. It saves time and avoids errors and we believe it will help make the pressurised lives of teachers a little easier.”

Teaching Assistant is very simple to use - all teachers have to do is enter into the device the amount of questions, possible answers and sheets needed for your class. To mark the test, simply fill out the key sheet marked with the barcode label and scan it in before entering the students’ answer sheets. The KYOCERA MFP will then be able to automatically assess the test according to your answers and various results charts can be printed, sent to the teacher’s email address, exported as a CSV file or simply saved on a USB stick. The whole process can be managed directly from the MFPs intuitive and easy to use touch screen menu.

White continues: “Teaching Assistant also features an Excel Plug-in, which means that Teaching Assistant can now print test sheets from Excel, including a space for an essay question and provides marking in the Excel Plug-in for the essay answer. The way it works is that you would generate the answer sheet from Excel, then scan in the answers all in the normal way, export as a CSV back into Excel with the plug-in (so you have the multiple-choice results already) then grade the essay and simply re-generate all reports/overall results from Excel as required.”

*Bubble-sheet test papers are standardised answer sheets used for multiple choice tests. Each line corresponds to a question (1,2,3…) and each row to a possible answer (a,b,c or d). All students have to do is mark the circle representing what they think is the correct answer.

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