KYOCERA's latest fax software - ZETAFAX

Making faxing simple

19 November 2013

KYOCERA's latest fax solution - ZETAFAX

Making faxing simple

KYOCERA Document Solutions UK Ltd’s latest fax solution is the Zetafax Device Edition (Zetafax) from Equisys. The ideal alternative to purchasing a fax card and placing a phone line into each KYOCERA MFP device, Zetafax offers centralised fax management and significantly reduces costs. Perfect for as few as 5 users, Zetafax is scaleable and can support up to 200 phone lines on a single server. It provides detailed fax records, centrally controlled user permissions and can send faxes four different ways: email; software applications; Zetafax client and scanner.

Zoe Thomas, Product Marketing Manager said: "Zetafax is ideal for any size of business with multiple KYOCERA devices. The obvious benefit is cost-saving, but we’ve found that the archive process makes keeping track of faxes for compliance and accurate departmental recharging very simple. Zetafax can also help increase efficiences within the business and improve customer service - by directing incoming faxes direct to a specific printer or email inbox you can ensure a speedy customer response, saving staff time and significantly reducing paper and toner costs. You’ll never wait by a fax machine again because all outgoing faxes are automatically queued, prioritised and retried if the line is busy. By consolidating hardware and telephone costs, Zetafax saves money and makes faxing from KYOCERA MFPs simple."

Simple to install, easy to manage and highly reliable,Zetafax is award-winning fax server software which delivers secure, fast and cost effective document distribution for over 60,000 businesses worldwide. Zetafax integrates with Microsoft Outlook, making faxing as easy as sending an email from your desktop with pre-set templates and simple attachment of documents.

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