10 May 2012

Business in Action Awards

The 9th Pride of Reading Awards 2012 will help celebrate the best of Reading, from the unsung heroes of the local community to business champions, young entrepreneurs and children of courage. The Awards have grown since they began in 2004 when KYOCERA was recognised for its promotion of environmentally responsible office practices with its Green Card customer programme.
Since then KYOCERA Document Solutions has sponsored the Pride of Reading Business in Action Awards each year. These separate awards are given for large and small businesses who give their time and expertise to support local charities and community projects.

Tracey Rawling Church, Head of Brand and Reputation said: “We’re proud to have been associated with the Pride of Reading Awards since their inaugural year when we won the first award for Responsible Business. We have been a sponsor ever since and over the years we’ve been consistently impressed by the calibre of the entries for this category and the efforts and enthusiasm of the businesspeople who give their time and expertise to support local charities and community projects.

Last year’s Business in Action Award for Over 50 Employees was won by worldwide networking company Cisco. FD Construction Solutions Ltd won the Business in Action Award for Under 50 Employees and Mark Fowles, Managing Director, FD Construction Solutions Ltd commented: “When we first heard that we had been nominated for the Pride of Reading Awards, we were extremely happy and humbled that somebody had thought that what we done at Brookfields School was worthy of recognition. We are only a small company, so winning the award was a genuine surprise. We have had many people mention our win and if they are not aware, it's always nice to let them know. The guys involved in the work we carried out are all very proud of the achievement and it has encouraged more to give up a small amount of time in the future, to support other local charities or groups, who need our help. Thank you again for the original nomination and for recognising the work we did, and will continue to do in the future.”

Tracey Rawling Church concludes: “The fact that separate awards are given for large and small businesses provides a great opportunity to demonstrate that you don’t have to be a massive organisation with huge resources in order to make a difference. We’re particularly keen to see small companies recognised for their social contribution and look forward to learning about all the great work done by this year’s entrants.”

Each year the Pride of Reading Awards hosts a lunch for winners and presents host Chris Tarrant with a cheque for his chosen charity Children with Leukemia. To make a Pride of Reading Award nomination please visit the nomination page.

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