Kyocera releases MFP document workflow solution

01 September 2009

KYOcapture 5.0 automates document management processes

Kyocera has today launched KYOcapture 5.0, an award winning solution package that increases efficiency in all businesses that need to systematically deal with business documentation.

Whether it be invoices, delivery notes or confidential correspondence, everyday business practices involve countless documents that have to be prepared before they can be digitally processed.

Converting, indexing, filing and routing the documents to the correct person or application takes up a great deal of time and money. The new KYOcapture solution from KYOCERA can help ease these time-consuming processes.

Regardless of whether the document is in hard copy or electronic format , the software’s optical character recognition (OCR) can automatically recognise the contents and convert the document into the desired format.

KYOcapture can also be configured to recognise invoice and company forms. Information such as unit costs and parts numbers can be quickly processed without errors. KYOcapture can also be seamlessly integrated into all network environments and connected to the most common document management systems.

Greater efficiency from receipt to storage

A key characteristic of KYOcapture is that it is extremely user friendly. Specification of which workflows should be automated in a certain manner is only required once.

Subsequently, documents are automatically captured, saved and routed to the desired document or content management system, or the appropriate database or person at the touch of a button. KYOCERA’s latest solution offers an efficient and simple document management that can improve efficiency in all departments, companies and organisations that systematically manage business documentation.

KYOcapture is particularly suited to efficiently processing high volumes of documents in medium-sized and large companies. Small companies can also buy the specially designed KYOcapture Express, which still has all the important basic functions. This version can be upgraded at any time.

Further information on the new solutions package can be found at

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