Kyocera launches new advanced printing and workflow solution

07 January 2009

Spreading information with one easy click

Kyocera is delighted to announce the launch of KYOeasyprint 2.0, a management solution to improve the workflow of customers document output.

Administrative workflows often require a single document to be sent to different departments, often with different settings. Managing these processes manually costs time and is prone to error
KYOeasyprint 2.0 simplifies all routine document output workflows.

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, this software will increase productivity by turning even the most complex printing routines into a one-click operation. It has been designed with the user in mind to simplify the document management process. Customers can optimize their workflows and eliminate the cost of stationary forms and get more flexibility at the same time.

KYOeasyprint 2.0 does exactly what it promises to do: it makes complex printing easier and
reduces costs at the same time. It simplifies the document management process allowing users to select different paper sources and paper finishing options in one go. In a fast paced and immediate office environment, it is of paramount importance to produce specific
documents for specific purposes in the shortest amount of time possible.

With only one click on the print button, the user can start multiple print-outs for a document all within one print job. With KYOeasyprint 2.0, a document can be printed simultaneously:

• to different printers to reach recipients in different departments within the workplace.
• to different printer trays for varying paper qualities.
• with different finishing options per copy (stapling, punching, duplex etc.)
• with different watermarks form underlays or insert pages

Once jobs or workflows are created it is easy to use them without the need of special skills or training. The system administrator only has to set up the processes for KYOeasyprint 2.0 once and everything runs simply and automatically.

KYOeasyprint 2.0 also speeds up the delivery of documents to various recipients and its easy to use network integration and management substantially reduces maintenance costs.

The tool also eliminates the cost of stationary forms and Kyocera’s local total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced even further as KYOeasyprint 2.0 reduces costs associated by misprints and repeat prints.

KYOeasyprint 2.0 comes with a 1-year professional KYOsupport package, for fast help and support.

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