Kyocera sponsors AIDS awareness cape2cape expedition

14 July 2008

Kyocera has announced it will be sponsoring the spectacular mountain climbing expedition cape2cape, to help raise awareness in the worldwide fight against HIV/AIDS

Led by adventurer and endurance athlete Joachim Franz, the cape2cape team will scale 18 mountains in nine weeks, starting with the North Cape in Norway and finishing with the South Cape in South Africa.

At each summit, Team Joachim Franz will raise an HIV/AIDS awareness flag emblazoned with hard hitting, inspirational images and facts about the disease.

As well as raising flags, Team Joachim Franz will also be organising a series of press events in each country visited to actively remind people that HIV/AIDS is still very much a global problem, impacting European and African countries alike.

As part Kyocera’s sponsorship, the team’s tour bus and equipment will bear the Kyocera logo and a Kyocera colour printer will be with the team to produce all relevant documents.

Kyocera is making an international commitment to this global challenge, with its offices in the many countries along the route getting involved to raise awareness of the project and even take part themselves. 

Ian Joslin, General Manager of Kyocera said: “We are proud that our European offices are getting involved with this and helping support Team Joachim Franz on their actual expedition. We have been a long-standing partner of Team Joachim Franz supporting his former feats such as the 23,0000 km mountain biking expedition across Pan-American and the AIDS Awareness Tour across Germany in 2007.

“The disease remains a vital global issue affecting millions of people and Kyocera believes it is important to continue to promote awareness of HIV/AIDS internationally”

Cape2cape will commence on October, 8th 2008 at North Cape in Norway and will end in Kapstadt, South Africa on December, 1st, 2008 – this year’s World Aids Day. There are 18 people in Team Joachim who will be engaging in the global expedition.

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