Kyocera launches Print Management Solutions

01 July 2008

Software gives enterprises complete control over print costs, environmental impact and compliance

Kyocera today announces three new print management solutions that are designed to offer organisations complete control over all aspects of their print network. KYOroute enables managers to set and enforce printing policies in line with the organisation’s environmental and cost control objectives, while KM-Net Admin delivers advanced proactive device, consumables and print queue management facilities. When purchased in conjunction with Kyocera’s new KYOsupport software service package, KM-Net Admin also enables detailed accounting and reporting, ensuring total visibility of the usage patterns and financial impact of the print network.


Printing can pose numerous challenges for today’s enterprises. In particular, user activity can often result in print jobs being handled inappropriately: Carelessness or misuse can result in documents being routed to a less economical device, printed multiple times in error, or printed without using paper-saving options such as duplex. While desktop printers are less cost-efficient for high volume jobs, they are still often used out of convenience. Similarly, cost-intensive colour machines are often used for black and white and greyscale documents or emails. Across an enterprise, small individual actions like these can add up to spiralling printing costs and paper waste.

KYOroute allows administrators to take control of printing across the enterprise by implementing rules-based policies that can control who is permitted to print what, when and on which device. Customisable rules define where documents are sent to print according to cost, convenience, time of day, and which device is most appropriate based on colour content, number of copies, or user privileges. This ensures that the print network is utilised in the most efficient manner. KYOroute also provides real-time measurement of the cost savings being achieved by the software.

KM-Net Admin

KM-Net Admin is a unified device management software solution that uses a web-based platform to give network administrators complete control over every device in the organisation. The device manager allows the user to organise devices into logical groups, view their status at a glance, set up automatic e-mail alerts and upgrade Kyocera device firmware. Tasks that used to require multiple programmes or used a number of different printers can now be accomplished by a single application.

KM-Net Admin is a free utility which can be downloaded from the Kyocera website ( For advanced accounting and reporting functionality the software can be upgraded in combination with a KYOsupport contract to ensure maximum value is derived.


KYO support is a comprehensive service package which helps users get the most out of Kyocera software. KYOsupport offers direct access to a service hotline manned by technical specialists, as well as online access to interactive support and extended web-based information such as latest updates, patches and FAQs.

All Kyocera software either purchased or free, can be combined with a KYOsupport package. The 1-year KYOsupport package included with all Kyocera software purchased can be extended for up to five years.

Pricing details:

KYOroute 1st Server License £ 1,699.00
KYOroute 2nd and subsequent Server License £ 1,100.00
KRTE-MS (KyoRoute - Main Server) KYOsupport additional 1 year £ 303.00
KRTE-MS (KyoRoute - Main Server) KYOsupport additional 2 years £ 603.00
KRTE-MS (KyoRoute - Main Server) KYOsupport additional 3 years £ 853.00
KRTE-MS (KyoRoute - Main Server) KYOsupport additional 4 years £ 1,053.00
KMNA (Kyocera Mita Net Admin) KYOsupport 1 year £ 649.00
KMNA (Kyocera Mita Net Admin) KYOsupport 2 years £ 1,049.00
KMNA (Kyocera Mita Net Admin) KYOsupport 3 years £ 1,449.00
KMNA (Kyocera Mita Net Admin) KYOsupport 4 years £ 1,749.00
KMNA (Kyocera Mita Net Admin) KYOsupport 5 years £ 1,999.00

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