Kyocera launches new security software solutions

01 October 2008

Complete control for your business

Kyocera Mita has announced the launch of two new solutions packages, KYOcontrol Enterprise and KYOcontrol Business Edition 1.1.

Achieving complete data security is a serious challenge. Despite all the time, energy and money spent on data security, there is one major gap in almost every system that is regularly ignored: the hard copies. Confidential or restricted information only has to lie unattended in an output tray for as little as one minute for a major leak to occur – opening up a major security gap and possibly even breaching legal data protection requirements.

Increased Security
With KYOcontrol Enterprise, companies are able to drastically increase the security of documents within the workplace. This security-based application ensures that hard copies are only produced when an authorised employee has identified themselves at a printer or multifunctional device, using a swipe card. Since the print data is stored on the central print server, hard copies can be picked up at any device in your workplace.

Users also have the option to re-route their documents if the output device is busy.Hard copies are only produced when the users identify themselves at the device of their choice, minutes, hours or even days later.

Cost Control
In addition to document security, KYOcontrol Enterprise also helps to control the cost of document output. Built in accounting features enable businesses to track and record the output companywide and to break it down by department, project or individual. The software also allows the user to implement cost savings through the device consolidation and the management of colour output volumes.

KYOcontrol Enterprise has been designed for trouble-free integration into any existing corporate IT environment. It can be adjusted to meet the specific and unique requirements of almost any industry regulatory issue or business process. A company’s existing user database can be fully utilised for maximum convenience in managing user rights. The software’s authentication system functions with any standard company ID infrastructure so that it actually strengthens current security measures – maximising the return on security investments.

KYOcontrol Business Edition 1.1
KYOcontrol Business Edition 1.1 works with a user identification system to ensure that documents are delivered directly to authorised members of staff only. It integrates easily into your Kyocera print environment and can give a boost to office workflow. Employees simply identify themselves at the printer of their choice with a convenient swipe card and pick up their printouts whenever they want.

In addition, KYOcontrol Business Edition 1.1 offers a comprehensive range of accounting and reporting functions that will help to reduce office operating costs. Security, convenience and economy - an ideal combination for any SMB company.

KYO support is a comprehensive service package which helps users get the most out of Kyocera software. KYOsupport offers direct access to a service hotline manned by technical specialists, as well as online access to interactive support and extended web-based information such as latest updates, patches and FAQs.

All Kyocera software either purchased or free, can be combined with a KYOsupport package. The 1-year KYOsupport package included with all Kyocera software purchased can be extended for up to five years.


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