Kyocera Green Card Seminar sheds light on alternative energy

28 November 2008

Delegates learn abour reducing their energy consumption by different means.

Delegates were given an insight into how to save and reduce energy in the latest of Kyocera’s Green Card Conference.

The event which was held at Reading Town Hall saw an accomplished array of speakers from the nuclear and renewable energy industries present on effective ways to reduce environmental impact within the workplace.

Delegates heard from Joe Baker of Barking & Dagenham Council who gave an insight into how the council has worked to reduce the carbon footprint of its residents and businesses. He revealed that through working with the community, the council has managed to save £70,000 from reducing waste and encouraging people to change their behaviour in the home and the workplace.

John Gilbert, Head of Carbon Management gave a fascinating insight into how energy can be generated from waste water, and how ‘sewage sludge’ can be generated into a bio-gas energy solution.

Tristram Denton of the Nuclear Industry Assocation started an interesting debate on how nuclear power can be used as an alternative and cheaper source of energy. He also revealed how safely nuclear waste is stored and how the drop in opposition to nuclear power has dropped over 30% in 6 recent years.

Daniel Curtis of Oxford University kicked off the afternoon session with a presentation on implementing power management at the university. He told of the power consumption of the university’s PCs and how a Low Carbon ICT toolkit has been introduced to monitor the usage and ways to reduce it.

Neeta Dalal of Semplice Energy rounded the event off with a talk on clean technologies and how eco-solutions can be a cost effective way of reducing energy consumption in the workplace.

Tracey Rawling Church, Marketing Director of Kyocera said: “We are delighted that this year’s Green Card Conference attracted such a vast array of speakers and generated such interesting topics of debate. The Conference has given delegates the perfect opportunity to learn from each other, to show off their ideas and their plans to like-minded, environmentally responsible people.

All the presentations are available to download by clicking here.

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