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Kyocera 8.5" WVGA LCD

04 February 2009

Kyoto/ Neuss – Kyocera the Japanese high tech company has renewed and optimized their wide format 8.5” TFT Liquid Crystal Display TCG085WV. The module fulfills now more then ever the customer needs for industrial and office equipment.

All over the market, widescreen is the hot trend, whether it is a question of TVs or screens for the industrial sector. Due to its similarity with the human field of vision, the wide picture format better corresponds to the users viewing habits compared to the 4:3 format. Kyocera's TCG085WV guarantees the user a surface area which  is 25% bigger than conventional LCDs can offer. A resolution of 800x480 pixels offers the possibility for a optimized reproduction of large volumes of data. With a high brightness of 400 cd/m2 and contrast ratios of 500:1, the display has optical properties that ensures outstanding presentation of sophisticated content, and all this within a broad temperature range of -10°C to + 70°C.


Kyocera had already started series production of its industrial LCDs in accordance with the RoHS directive in 2004, and has actively committed itself to the development of environmentally friendly products such as mercury-reduced LEDs and lead-free circuit boards.

Technical specifications of the TCG085WV



Screen size (inches)


Resolution (pixels)

800 x 480



Brightness (cd/m2)




Operating temperature

-10°C to + 70°C

Dimensions (screen in mm)

186 x 112

Dimensions (with frame, in mm)

210 x 133


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